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Quote from: AHadley on November 08, 2009, 01:28:56 AM
Could somebody upload a 7z please? Installer doesn't like me.

Believe it or not the 7-zip program can extract everything into a folder just like a 7z compression file.  If your having trouble with the installer then use the 7-zip program to extract everything from the exe file.
News / Re: Steam Group
October 17, 2009, 10:50:07 PM

Note: you'll have to send a p.m. on bzu before i'll accept invites from people i possibly don't know.  
Quote from: RABBITPOLICE on October 15, 2009, 07:43:11 PM
look I try blender the texture wont show I even looked at some tutorials
lithrunwrap tears my model apart and my computer cant open or save .pic
and I dont like truespace any suggestions

I'm guessing your just having problems with the type of format your trying to load so try this FREE program to convert the texture formats so you can load the textures in your other programs.

Battlezone 2 / Re: What happened?
October 15, 2009, 12:08:11 AM
The 1.3 public beta 5.1 seems to be getting more popular so i'd suggest having more than one install of battlezone II if your hard drive is big enough. 
one fast way to get your computer infested by a bunch of viruses is turning off your antivirus without disconnecting from the internet & having microsoft's auto update run when your not fully patched up so make sure you disable your internet before turning off your anti-virus.
I bet his problem maybe caused by using Internet Explorer to download the file.  In the past I've run into security issues after using internet explorer to download files & didn't receive any issues if i used  firefox or opera.   If he downloaded that file with internet explorer then tell him to get a better browser like firefox or opera that has better security settings to redownload the file with.  Internet explorer comes prepacked with bad security settings thanks to microsoft.

Beware of internet explorer it is horribly evil.
Battlezone 2 Mods / Re: HellFury Mod (Please Read)
September 17, 2009, 11:18:45 PM
Quote from: shane ward on September 17, 2009, 10:16:01 AM
Anyone tried that yet, I spent too long playing with them instead of making the level.

No, i Av'd the second the first mission finished loading.  It basicly showed me inside the isdf base & said run to base...
That bug isn't anything to really worry about.
Quote from: Commando on September 13, 2009, 10:59:16 AM
I'll give killerAK the putting effort towards modding vs. stability comment.  I stopped testing 1.3 over a month ago, for the most part, because noone wants to test.  The mod team is full of modders which is a big problem.


Let me see what i've actually done this entire month for modding.

                Hmm, it seems to be a very short list indeed....

                                      I've done maybe an hour worth of modding this month to create a new map pack & the rest of the time went towards required OT at work.   I'll try to finish the maps sometime this week or so to hopefully spike more testing.

QuoteDelete all stupid towers like assault towers, mortar towers, rocket towers because they make regular towers obsolete.

Those models were orginally created for the MPI GH map's CPU Team to spice up the challenge so if you remove those then you wont' be able to play the MPI GH Maps because i refuse to change the challenge of my maps because someone hates them.  If you hate the recycler variants that much then use the default recycler which does not have those towers & go play a non GH map.  I think your just pissed off because those new variant towers on dropzone kill you afew seconds after you get into their visual sights (faster towers are only on dropzone).  :)
Battlezone 2: 1.3 Public Beta 5.1 / Re: PB 5.1 a bust?
September 07, 2009, 07:46:07 PM
Quote from: bigbadbogie on September 07, 2009, 05:10:37 PM
Maybe their games finished?

Most players usually play during the weekends & work during the week so it may take awhile for some to realize 1.3 public beta 5.1 was released.   
The 1.3 Community Project / Re: Update
September 07, 2009, 12:04:28 AM
Its nice to think of the high polygon models that could be created with those high limits & what can be possibly be created in the bz2 engine.   The one thing we should be aware of is that we have to set a limits on these models.  If we use 20k models then we will also have to create numberous amounts of lod files which may infact might bog down the bz2 engine trying to switch out numberous amounts of lod & texture files.  I can agree on taking the limits slightly higher & leaving the small details to be done with textures effects.
A good custom texture can go a long way into making that lower polygon model to look like it has alot more detail than it really does.

Models may look highly out of place depending on which modeler created what due to their skilled ability to make nicer models due to the limits.  Everything has to have balance other wise we are just possibly wasting resoures & creating other problems.  In the old 1.2 patch i've seen weapon effects & other things get cutout because of to many high poly models on the map so thats something else to think about & fully test in the 1.3 patch 5.1 before going into that high poly limit direction.
Quote from: Nielk1 on August 31, 2009, 12:41:54 PM
Could have sworn this was sorted. G4 and G0 both had something like the same file name for their images but different extensions or some jazz.

I remember sorting this issue out.  Please make sure your running TA5, not pb4\pb4a.
The 1.3 Community Project / Re: So, what can YOU do?
August 23, 2009, 07:37:07 PM
Bzuniverse\IRC Username: GreenHeart
MSN: Send p.m. if you need my msn ID, (MSN ID, not same as above).
IRC #Bz2 Channel
BZU Jabber: n/a

Current skills:
Model Creation ,Model Animation, UVW Mapping, Model Converting, AIP Editing, Map Creation & Editing,  Texture creation, Bz2 Scriptor, ODF Editing(No Effects), CFG Modification(Editor).

|-----<< Modding Tools >> ----|

// File Converting Tool
3D Exploration
Deep Exploration

// Modeling Tools (mainly use max 9 for modeling)
3ds Max 9
MilkShape 3D
Wings 3D

// UVW mapping tools (use 3d max 9, but can use these)
Ultimate Unwrap3D
Deep UV

// Map Maping Tool
ODL1Winter (Version B4c)

// Texture Tools
Adobe Photoshop CS

// ODF & AIP Editing
notepad++  (syntax highlighting)

//Video Capture

// Dll Tools
BZII DLL Scriptor.exe 1.7
Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition
Visual Studio C++ 6.0

// Audio Editing (no mic.)
ACID Music Studio 5.0

// Compression & Extracting Files

Quote from: bb1 on August 21, 2009, 09:44:23 PM
MPI missions- I splintered the enemy base, and their bomber attacked the splinter in the middle of their base, taking out their recy. Is that normal?

The map was entrap. ISDF vs ISDF. Sorry for lack of screenshot! It should be reproducable.

Idle dispatcher only sends the bomber after buildings or ships.  The bomber don't keep track of moving targets so if it was order it to attack a moving ship it will bomb the outdated location it used to be in. no auto updates.    :-(
Well due to the abuse of cheating online the editor has its own exe file called "BZ2Edit.exe" & you can load maps into that editor.
you can open your maps either by using the old method of a shortcut  /edit  custom.bzn or use just load any ia map into the editor through the ingame shell & then open the editor's menu to select the "Load" button to open a popup that allows you open your map.