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Convergent thinking, specifically eliminating or narrowing down of ideas during the brainstorming session prevents new ideas from appearing, specifically innovative ones. This is why it's not a good idea to narrow things down at this stage.
Do not use this thread to eliminate ideas or vote on which ideas are best or worst. That is not the purpose of this thread!
Overdrive Terminal / Re: Memory settings and CPU usage
December 18, 2009, 02:48:52 PM
It sort of doesnt make sense that things would be slightly faster with a lower memory clock speed -- however the one thing that did jump out at me is that the CAS latency is lower. CAS latency or CL is something that is prized by performance enthusiasts because it represents the actual delay (latency) before an instruction is passed through the memory. The fact that the CL is lower on the slower rated RAM might have something to do with why it seems to perform better on those tests.
bb1 your idea is good, but it does not belong here. Feel free to start another topic if you like.
Please post ideas on what type of events might transpire in the story and over the course of the campaign. These ideas might be used by story writers and script writers to determine the direction the campaign might take. For example, a common one was the decision-path of both the stock and FE campaigns -- as well as the invasion of the planet in the stock/isdf campaign. What kind of basic ideas would be implemented in a good story?

Keep in mind that using ANY of these ideas is completely up to story writers. This is just here for brainstorming purposes, nothing else, really. It helps to get these things down early rather than trying to shoehorn an existing campaign to fit the ideas. Don't post anything really specific like planet names, and also if you're a story writer and post ideas here, dont feel ripped off if another person steals these ideas. That's exactly what the purpose of this thread is.

Quote from: TheJamsh on December 16, 2009, 07:19:00 AM
There were values for all the units but i never saw them work.

other things like braccelFactor, omegaFactor, steerFactor etc, they never seemed to change the behaviour of my units either.
The other vars you were talking about actually ARE used by the engine. I studied the behaviors a long time ago and came up with an idea of what most of them do.
I liked the plant thing better. I think the four antennae on it would go well on a building type structure. You could even set it as a guntower tap and have the antennae rotate.
Overdrive Terminal / Re: Wine and BZ2
December 15, 2009, 05:52:03 PM
BZ2 requires d3dx9 to be installed under WINE. The 1.3 patch additionally requires vcrun2008 (I think). On top of that under the 'libraries' tab of winecfg, you need to create an entry called 'dbghelp' and set its setting to "native, then builtin". The dependencies for wine can be installed via a shell script called 'winetricks' (google it), but there are other wine helpers which will install dependencies or even full windows apps for you.
I think its an interesting and unique design. That said, some of the elements of the design might be retained or used in the creation of a different building.
Overdrive Terminal / Re: Partitioner
December 15, 2009, 07:43:46 AM
I think he means back your C: drive up using a program like Norton Ghost or Acronis TrueImage (that way if something goes awry, then you can always restore your computer back to the state it was in before)

Because no matter what you do, theres always a small risk of something going wrong when it comes to messing with your hard drive partitions (ie: what if the power goes out when its doing something important).

Theres 2 ways of doing it mostly,

1) Go into control panel -> administrative tools -> computer management -> disks -- and do it that way
2) Use a linux livecd, most come with the GNOME Partition Editor (gparted) that will let you shrink and tweak your partitions.

I really can't tell you if the windows partition editor will allow you to shrink partitions, especially ones that are mounted -- but I know for a fact that gparted will let you shrink and create NTFS partitions (which is the best one to use for windows). It can even do so without destroying any of the data on the partitions that it's shrinking.
The 1.3 Community Project / Re: Restarting
December 14, 2009, 08:50:59 PM
I agree, but first we should start a discussion thread to see if we should put up a poll to determine whether the other poll is needed.  8-)
The 1.3 Community Project / Re: Nominations Thread
December 14, 2009, 02:58:07 PM
That is an excellent way to nominate someone (ie: saying why they would be good at it). Carry on guys.
Actually, it would be better for people to only nominate ONE person and describe why. Other worthy candidates should still be nominated. This would prevent everyone in the community from being a nominee in the project and lower the amount of screening that the CP members have to do for committee members. I mean, if enough people think that one person would be good for the task, they should get at least ONE nomination which would be enough to bring it to discussion.  Ideally this committee should be small, like perhaps 4 or 5 members.
The 1.3 Community Project / Re: Nominations Thread
December 14, 2009, 10:45:47 AM
EDIT: Actually, try to keep nominations to one person only please. I explained it further in the discussion thread

Quote from: Clavin12 on December 14, 2009, 07:03:30 AM
I nominate Iron Maiden. I think he has a good understanding of what needs to happen, and I think he'll write a good story.
Iron Maiden would be automatically excluded from joining the writing committee, unless he withdraws his story. One of the rules to prevent conflicts of interest is to either submit a story for consideration, or be on the committee. You can't have both.
The 1.3 Community Project / Re: Poll for Story Writing
December 13, 2009, 09:03:50 PM
Quote from: Shadow Knight on December 13, 2009, 08:53:54 PM
Oh lawd, another poll. What's wrong with just some people writing stories and putting them forward?
We did that last time. And there was far too much content to really combine. People who lacked popularity might not have had their stories read and thus voted on, and there was a lot of idea forming going on in each thread.

This thread bothers me, because I had planned to do committee member selection in this way

1) We would allow anyone to apply for the story committee (if they are willing to do a lot of reading)
2) We would then post their name in the private CP
3) Modders and project leaders would have the opportunity to bring up any objections to having them on the committee
4) If no objections, or objections are successfully resolved, then we allow that person to go onto the story committee

Once the story committee is formed, they will have the options to select even multiple stories for consideration by the CP (for example a 'main' storyline, with contributions by other story writers.) After writing team selection, the committee will provide feedback to the main story writer and contributors, to better integrate these ideas into the CP. This would be an ongoing task -- and even if a story wasnt selected as the main one, it would still be possible for other people to get into the CP as contributing writers.

I know that it would work well this way, because I know the project members are perfectly willing to work with each other on these matters with minimal infighting. And through these we can arrive at good decisions.