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Battlezone ODF code

Started by Freyr, October 25, 2009, 04:22:00 AM

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General BlackDragon

The 1.3 patch is being made by 2 of the original BZ2 developers. (they have access to the source code. :P )

*****General BlackDragon*****


To be clear, I was suggesting looking at the Armada community moving the game into the Battlezone 2 engine, patched to 1.3pb5.  At this point there's almost nothing that modders love to tinker with, from physics to AIP's to the controlling C++ DLL, that isn't pretty much open source.  If you all had the original BZ2 game and a decent DLL coder you could make an exact duplicate of the original game...

Let me put it this way...  I originally started making the BZ1 ships and buildings as a hobby.  At some point BZ2 came along and was moddable enough that I started looking at making a mod that let you play BZ2 DM in the BZ1 recreated ships.   Then BS-er came up with the DLL Scriptor and it allowed me to remake the SP missions.  Then GSH pretty much spelled out how to set up a free C++ compiler and it became a full fledged mod complete with MP play.  The DLL let me duplicate those things that were in BZ1 but left out of BZ2, like undeploying Production Units that had scrap capacity in vehicle form.

Toss in a rabid quality control guy who's darn good with shells and I think, when done, BZC will be pretty darn true to the original BZ1, but with DX9 and TOTAL mod-ability.



Quote from: Avatar on October 25, 2009, 06:43:13 PM
and TOTAL mod-ability.

I already started a BZC mod with the Pan Asian Space Coalition :-P
It's on hold pending BZC.

Click on the image...

General BlackDragon

For simplicity and easyness of versioning, I would ask that you ensure that the things work as a map pack and do not break BZC assets please.  8-)

*****General BlackDragon*****


In Aramada 2 Activision put the program debug database and linker address map in the install folder.
All cpp and obj files are listed, should be easy to find any Bz code left in Armada 2.


Dx is da Man where digging into BZ1 code is concerned...     :-D