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New BattleZone Website - removed

Started by Mr. Spock, October 30, 2009, 01:15:25 PM

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Well, several people have reported that the original link did not violate Forum policy as it WAS strictly to the entry page of the site.  Since it was edited before I saw it I can't say for sure, but I believe those who say it was OK.  That's something of a technicality here, though...

The real issue as I see it is the declaration of there being a new installer, not the link to the entry page.  As previously stated nobody here owns the bzone.exe, so any modification and distribution of it in any form is copyright infringement.  Advertising such a thing in a post is against forum rules regardless of where the link leads.

I think the emotional reaction to the mention of an 'installer' in the message was over the top...  but everyone is fiercely protective of these forums so the 'zero tolerance' stance is understandable.  Still, it would have been more proper to edit out the installer message rather than the link.  I think, if had been me, I'd have dumped the topic entirely and PM'd the issue to Spock, giving him a chance to rephrase the post properly.

As I said, I don't want the wars that have raged elsewhere to spread to this little backwater of BZ info, but I will urge tolerance, patience, and equal treatement of all.  I hope in the future everyone, Spock included, can post freely within the rules of the forum.

If that's their intent, that is.  Otherwise out comes the big hammer...  :)