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BZ2 yearly tournament: Sign up

Started by Mr X, November 01, 2009, 02:37:08 AM

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Mr X

Maybe an invisible, uncollidable version of the command vehicle?
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Would the arbiter be able to see everything? As in, would he be able to see both radars?

Zero Angel

The arbiter COULD use a command vehicle that has an extremely large radar range. There are also ways to make it impossible to exit the vehicle -- but that would mean that it would be impossible to get good angles on the action. The best way to spectate, in my opinion, would be to put the spectator/arbiter in a SAV class vehicle (much like the fury). This would allow him to have a lower or higher view of the action, depending on what he would prefer -- as well as be unhindered by terrain.

If the spectator's vehicle is set to the neutral team, has no geometry (or geometry could be allowed, as long as it is not distracting), and has no radar signature -- then it would be unnecessary to include specials onto the spectator ship.
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Has anyone even looked at the spectator vehicle i posted :P? Its perfect for this.

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