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IA maps for use

Started by mag, November 14, 2009, 05:56:14 PM

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I am a non-modder. A player. I am not supposed to do anything but unzip it to the main directory. If there are directions from the modder maybe I'll follow them, otherwise, main dir it is.
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All instant maps should be put there. Unless you have a mod in which case you put it in the equivalent folder for that mod.
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it goes in the instant folder with the other IA maps.


Put them under: maps13/missions/instant
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Realistically though, things SHOULD always extract too rootdir (as in the zip or installer should put them in the correct folder within). Not everyone is that computer savvy

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Isn't that part of the reason this forum exists? So people can collaborate and solve the problems they couldn't alone?
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All things zipped should go to the root dir. I want people who just started playing this game to have an easy time adding things. Many people lose interest when they have to do something that their parents have told them not to do with the family computer, or they have to learn how to be a modder just add some maps and many other reasons. I've been playing this game since it showed up on the shelves, and all the mappacks I've ever dealt with unzip to the main dir, or I don't use them.
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agreed, if you want more people to test the map, do make it so that the zip extracts to the root. Its not that hard to make two or three more folders in the zip.

On to the maps. I only tried two cause it was late. They're... BIG. very big, and seemed fairly flat. Not really a bad thing but I was kind of expecting a few more pools on a map that size. The headache one (as far as i can tell) has the second pool a really long way away. I guess thats why it's a headache. :P On the yellow one the only real glitch I encountered was that some of the starting loose scrap all the way across the map was on my team so it showed up on radar. That meant that my scavvies kept heading for them and getting themselves killed instead of staying at base.

All in all though, they were decent looking maps, I like the colors you used.


I didn't know the folder dir, was a big thing.
I uploaded a new zip with the added folders to unzip to the root folder.
I'll correct the scrap problem and upload a new zip later, I'll wait to see if there is any other problems.
the headache map has a pool to the right of the base that is close by.the headache is if you get caught in the spikey terrain.


It's not a particularly big thing, but we're a picky lot. Let's face it, there's not much else to do around here except mod and play.


made some changes, corrected the scrap problem and added 2 more stage points to long streach.


added an updated version of long streach, with more pools with defenses.
it's not for the faint hearted.
the new name is extreeme.
unzip to the root folder.