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BZ1 and Windows 7

Started by AHadley, November 17, 2009, 01:30:19 PM

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Itching to try Ultraken's new experimental build, I just installed my old BZ1, patching it straight up with 1.4, large assets and servers.dat. Unfortunately, when I try to launch it, I get an Application Error which, to me, isn't particularly helpful.

bzone.exe - Application Error

The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005). Click OK to close the application.

Have I gone wrong with my install somewhere, added a file where I shouldn't have, missed a step? It's been so long since I played BZ1 :(

Red Devil

Try installing/running it in compatability mode?
What box???


Running in compatibility mode for '95.


For what it's worth, I can't get it to run on Windows 7 either.  It crashes immediately before even starting.  The similar "internal" build runs fine, and I can't tell what's different.  It seems to have something to do with the application compatibility layer.

Red Devil

Installed using compatibility?

Happy Birthday!   :-D
What box???


Ah, no, didn't install with it.

But I am running the experimental build.

I'll do a reinstall.

And happy birthday again, Ken, since it looks like I am on today.


I'm baffled by some of the Windows 7 malfunctions, but that's life I guess.

And thanks for the b-day wishes everyone.  36 successful orbits around the sun!   :mrgreen:


Happy Birthday! Ima give it a whirl once I get home and find my bz1 cd.


Quote from: Ultraken on November 18, 2009, 07:54:33 AM
36 successful orbits around the sun!   :mrgreen:

HAH. Stealing that quote for use from now on...

BZII Expansion Pack Development Leader. Coming Soon.

Red Devil

Maybe it's trying to write to My Documents (or not)?

Was it installed under Program Files?  If so, may want to install it elsewhere.

Heck I have W7, so I should try it myself...
What box???


You can also security properties on the BZ folder to allow write access.  Vista and 7 set folders outside the user's home directory to read-only by default, which stymies applications that assume they can write to their install folder.

Red Devil

I had to do that for my BZ2 install when I installed W7 as a dual-boot alongside XP Pro.
What box???


I just installed BZ off my disc, it worked fine straight off in 7, I run Nvidia, so i get the radar issues.
To run it I did have to select to run in administrator mode, run in 640x480 and I had to run in compat mode for Windows NT4.0, ( I don't know why it just seems to always work, and run the videos better.)