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Started by Tricky, December 21, 2009, 08:21:29 AM

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Aside from weather, I noticed the reflections on textures aren't working on my fresh installation of the beta patch. They aren't all throughout the game, so I didn't know for sure until I loaded a Bane map. Which I did about half an hour ago.

I managed to temporarily re-enable the reflections with a little trick I read about in the other topic about the broken weather graphics. By turning the cockpit on and off I enabled them. But I have to do this every time I load a game.  :-(

Will both these things be fixed at some point? I just hate to see all this important immersive stuf gone.


I actually haven't had many issues with reflections, that being said it might just be the anti-graphics lag code kicking in.

Click on the image...


Hm? I never experienced graphics lag to begin with.

But damn it, I keep pressing alt-F4 instead of shift-F4. Sigh.


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Neither they nor the bumpmaps work for me. At all.

Both work on my (less powerful) laptop on PB4a.


I'm running it on a duocore laptop, 1.5 ghz and the laptop version of some or other ati card.

So what's this auto adjust graphics stuff? Can I turn it off? I don't see much that needs adjusting.


Upon closer inspection it seems they are only working partially.


The reflected landscape doesn't seem to have any textures, and closer to the horizon it makes a whiteout. This happens to look OK on Bane, but on the vulcanic Rend that whiteout looks really odd on certain lava textures. I didn't notice it much while investigating the crashed spaceship in the singleplayer campaign, but after I went AWOL the liquid area directly around the escape route (the one that emerges from the lava) looked bright white instead of brownish/yellow. Very strange.


Thats how reflections have always looked... since... birth. I can see three layers of textures in those bane images.

also note that objects partially submerged in water dont reflect. BZ2's code just isnt that modern...

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OK, well I guess I just haven't played it recently enough.

My previes post is not relevant then. Thanks for pointing that out.  :-)