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Started by Sonic, September 15, 2008, 05:23:23 PM

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Everyone seemed to be handling the Overdrive Terminal nicely, we haven't had any problems that I've seen, so lets bring back the BZ1 forum. Please remember, this forum can and will be removed if we have issues (piracy, flaming, etc).

The Rules!
1. No posting links or asking about piracy. This includes No-CD hacks, links to the full BZ1 installer and what not. We got introuble for this once already, don't do it again.
2. Listen to Avatar, he's the moderator.
3. These rules apply to the BZ1 "Maps and Mods" child forum.
"Linux is user friendly...
...it's just very selective about who its friends are."


And...  while Avatar is known for being a benevolent and tolerant ruler, he's also getting pretty old and cranky....

So don't push him, please, because he DOES know where you live.


Red Devil

...and he has Maulers for friends.
What box???