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Grizzly model...

Started by Josiah, December 18, 2009, 08:02:23 PM

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General BlackDragon

*****General BlackDragon*****


ok, if that's it, woohoo! if not say so.  8-)

@GBD: have an older version of ZEmod; awesome! keep it up!

Blunt Force Trauma

Looks very good Josiah.

Now comes the time to decide if you want to continue to model what the textures infer in the 3D surface like the side panels, view port, top hatch, etc.

That's where I have a hard time having restraint, and you have to start pulling the artistic license out your ...uh, because the textures are so blurry.

I personally don't like to leave a model depending on textures for anything more than paint schemes, decals, vehicle ID numbers, etc.

But then, that's when the poly count starts to sky-rocket.