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Modlog for modders

Started by Commando, March 01, 2006, 07:35:18 PM

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Hmmm, could be, wabbit...

There's definately been an evolution at work, though.  For instance early in the patch it seems to me I offered to fix things like lungs floating in mid-air in SP missions, bad collision objects, and weird base layouts, and Nathan didn't want to mess with that sort of thing. 

Towards the end he's coding in new units...

We've all grown so much...




Red Devil

Well the code became more stable as GSH fixed more and more AV's, so that fred him up to indulge us some more, which was very, very nice, not only for us, but for BZ2 as well.  Now it can do a lot more than it ever could before thanks to him.
What box???


Like this?

Looks like you might need a bit of backup there buddy...

let me grab my Collossus and give you a hand.   :-D

Seriously, who remembers when just being IN Dunes gave you a framerate hit?  The number of polys in the above pic, (not to mention pathing and everything else) would have killed the game prior to 1.3. 

Darn.  Collossus is out of gas...

Sorry bud.  You're on your own...    :roll:



With a bit of luck and some Tank-Fu I could take'em!


If by that you mean "die horribly" then scout is completely correct. :-P


Quote from: Scout on March 06, 2006, 06:45:42 PM
With a bit of luck and some Tank-Fu I could take'em!

Just don't move. They might not see you. crap.. your in red.. hah have fun!
fight till death our forums -> http://www.forums.bzfiend.com/index.php?


With a little .odf tweaking I could take 'em.

Red Devil

Oh crap, just saw them. Wowser.  Poor slob.
What box???

Bob the Dinosuar

what ship is that anyway? something from FS?

a walker division would wipe em' out.  (read: 20+ walkers)


That is a Red Devil surrounded by some walkers from Av's BZC mod


A Rave Gun or Death Fountain would clear up that little surroundedness problem.  :D

(So would Da Bomb, if you don't mind blasting yourself into orbit.)


Kali's eat Rave for breakfast...

They don't like Da Bomb, though...

It tickles...




I hope that by 'tickles' you mean that it tickles individual atoms as they are ripped apart, and not that they survive the thing. >.>


Death fountain is good for clearing out a large area, though it isn't instant-death like Da Bomb.  Even if Kali can withstand 1,000,000 damage points, they get hit with a kickOmega of 10 and kickVeloc of 100, so it'll at least push them back a little.  :D


It's all too easy to just keep upping the values (or going for zero hull) and make an 'uber unit', and I'd never think I could make a unit that could survive any of Ken's toys... :)

If you've read the backstory of the Kali's you'd see that, for some at least, death would be a welcome release...


Someone showed me how to have a DLL give a unit 10 hull points each time it's shot by another unit...  was that a bad thing for him to do or what???   :evil: