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Inappropriate Content

Started by CmptrWz, April 14, 2008, 03:56:24 PM

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Before I begin, note that this topic is locked. If you want to argue any of this, take it to the "Talk to the Management" board.

Now then, a few minutes ago while I was making another post my phone rang. When I answered I discovered it was one of the support staff for the company I get this nice web server from.

They told me that there was a problem with this site, gave me a topic number, and told me that they had recieved a request that the second post have the link contained within it removed. I have removed the entire topic instead, and given a week long posting ban to the person who posted the link in question.

I cannot say who exactly requested that the link be removed, only that my host asked me to remove it in turn. I can say that links to downloads of software, even old software, that are not officially in the public domain or that have been released freely by their copyright holders cannot be posted here.

If people insist on posting such links they will be banned. If enough people are banned, or it becomes too much of a hassle, I will just close the site.


For the record, I am now up to two weeks ban per offense I deal with personally from finding them myself or through others letting me know, and am going to be dropping 1 month to permabans for those that my provider tells me about.