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1.3 pb 4 without the tech alpha crap?

Started by Gibbz, August 08, 2009, 03:16:34 AM

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DirectX 9 has an update every quarter (3 months). There's a new Direct3D DLL that comes out with that. I don't know if DirectX 10/10.1/whatever auto-installs every DirectX 9 update. That's why you should not skip out of the DX9 installer that the 1.3ta5 installer runs. Let it do its thing.

And if you're still having problems, post a log. We can't see what's on your screen. Help us help you by providing as much detail as possible.

-- GSH


As an avid player of old games I've always wondered if it's safe to allow an older version to install when running a newer version...   and Googling it doesn't seem to give me a clear answer to that question.

So, if you're running Dx10 and an old game wants to install Dx6 is it OK to allow it to do so?  I'm under the impression that each version of Direct X provides backward compatible files so it shouldn't be necessary, but I've run into games that insist and don't run if you don't allow the install...



It should be fine to install older versions,   newer versions should work most of the time though.

DX9 and DX10 are the only solid fact I know of however by example.  You can install both and must install both for some older games vs newer games.  However I don't work for microsoft, so I can't tell you officially.


DX doesnt provide backward compatibility at all, which is unfortunate and a bit strange, but hey what ya gna do?

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Hrm, then some games must not be version dependant, and only require DirectX itself, not a specific version?  I though I had seen some older DX games run on newer DX9/etc.


this is the error with 1.3 b4a

---- Battlezone II Log File ----
App version: Patch 1.3pb4a Aug  4 2008 12:08:55
Windows version: Windows Version: 5.1.2600 'Service Pack 2' PlatformID=2

Last few battlezone.log lines (may or may not be relevant):
DIAG|GLOBAL          |         filesrcpack:395  |09:15:29|856    | Offset = 0x11CAAA9E(298494622) / 0x11CAAA9E/298494622. Handle: 00000208
ERR |Debug           |               debug:715  |09:15:29|856    |.\filesrcpack.cpp(396)
ERR |Debug           |               debug:716  |09:15:29|856    |Wed Jul  2 22:54:55 2008
ERR |Debug           |               debug:717  |09:15:29|856    |Error reading 97 bytes (got 2) from pack file 'd:\games\Battlezone II\data.pak'. Offset = 0x11CAAA9E(298494622) / 0x11CAAA9E/298494622

Exception code: 40000015 {Fatal Application Exit}

Message :  Unhandled Exception
Error occurred at 8/9/2009 09:15:34.
D:\Games\Battlezone II\bzone.exe, run by Bronson.
4 processor(s), type 586.
Process Memory :   1862 MB free out of   2048 MB total
Physical memory:   2868 MB free out of   4095 MB total
Page(swap) file:   6770 MB free out of   8188 MB total
Fault address:  00A7347C 01:0017247C D:\Games\Battlezone II\bzone.exe

SS:ESP:73002B:006CF07C  EBP:006CF08C
DS:002B  ES:002B  FS:764D0053  GS:6C002B

Call stack:
Address   Return    Function            SourceFile
00A7347C  00000000  00A6CEB0  Debug::Error::Err+0x0000010C
00A6CEB0  00000000  00A6D39A  FileSys::FileSrcPack::ReadData+0x00000100
00A6D39A  00000000  00A6D55D  FileSys::FileSrcPack::FileSrcPack+0x0000020A
00A6D55D  00000000  00A6A0BD  FileSys::BuildFileSrcPack+0x0000001D
00A6A0BD  00000000  00A6A3C5  FileSys::AddSrcPack+0x0000000D
00A6A3C5  00000000  00A6A803  FileSys::AddSrcStream+0x000002A5
00A6A803  00000000  00A7E918  FileSys::ProcessConfigScope+0x00000093
00A7E918  00000000  00A7E6D7  Main::ScopeHandler+0x00000148
00A7E6D7  00000000  0095BA79  Main::Exec+0x000000A7
0095BA79  00000000  00AC5045  Main::ExecInitialConfig+0x00000028
00AC5045  00000000  00A7E473  Setup::StartupConfiguration+0x00000135
00A7E473  00000000  0095B504  Main::CoreSystemInit+0x00000153
0095B504  00000000  0095B28D  HandledMain+0x00000362
0095B28D  00000000  00958BC8  HandledMain+0x000000EB
00958BC8  00000000  00A6DBFD  WinMain+0x00000059
00A6DBFD  00000000  75BE3677  fabs+0x00000191
75BE3677  00000000  77AF9D72  BaseThreadInitThunk+0x00000012
77AF9D72  00000000  77AF9D45  RtlInitializeExceptionChain+0x00000063
77AF9D45  00000000  00000000  RtlInitializeExceptionChain+0x00000036


See the sticky thread for login problems w/ vista/win7 on this board. Same fixes need to be done to pb4a, even though the symptoms differ.

-- GSH


ive been using TA5 and subsequent betas on windows 7 64 without issue,

As a precaution i install to \users\username\games\battle zone 2
and ensure my username has full control over its contents

this helps get around any unwanted UAC issues but i don't think that is even necessary anymore but old habits and what not!

Also, using the DX update tool will update all missing DLLs for direct X, if you ran it you will have all the DLLs available.