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Finally able to host.. but

Started by squirrelof09, August 11, 2009, 03:07:36 PM

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I can host now! however, I can't support more than 4 people in a game... Is there any way to compress the bandwidth coming in and out of the bz2 server? I'll be checking gameprefs shorty. I can only support 750kbs up and down.

If there is a setting, what is it and what do you suggest the value be?

Maybe the multiworld frequency may help me? please elaborate?
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GSH has stated time and again that there's not much bandwidth used in BZ2 MP...  that latency and computing power are more important.

So what'd you get?  Dumped the satellite for...???



There's a game option as to whether you're on broadband or not. Look for it w/ all the other game options. That's all the option(s) you get.

-- GSH


I didn't think bz2 used much bandwidth.  Everyone pings run the same between 2-3 players... once that 4th player joins... all pings go to about 600+ I'm press sure it has to do with the type of connection I have.

http://rdasol.com/html/broadband.shtml - WISP

Setting it on modem, will that change any effect toward bandwidth useage?
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Red Spot

Quite often when I host I have 2-3 players (or more) in game .. then when certain players join everyone gets kicked when they try to join .. I blame those players connection for it and not my own ..

Keep a record of who causes your game to lag when joining and see if they get high pings when they're the only one to join, or if it doesnt happen if someone you know has a good connection joins as 4th+ player.

So far I can say the game runs fine with up to 8 players, but every player above 2 could cause the above mentioned problem if their connection sucks ... afaik .. :)
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