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Started by VoodooChile, September 01, 2009, 04:39:53 AM

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just a little suggestion:
when you build a factory, it is always the wrong way around by default.
i know you can rotate it but i see the newbies always playing with the factory backwards, getting their units stuck all the time etc.....

could you make it the right way by default in the next patch? (with the opening in same direction as the recycler)

Sabre Tank

I think it really depends on how your base is set up on how you build the Factory. Or whichever direction is best suited for the player or whatever. They'll learn eventually.


Previously your factory(as well as most other buildings) would be constructed facing you.  That is to say, whatever direction the rear of your tank was pointed at, became the exit of the building.  If you wanted a west exit on your factory, you faced east when you constructed it.

With TA5, the exit is not dynamic to your tank's position anymore and is fixed when you select the building to construct, however you can rotate the building any which way you want to.   I tried this on a few missions and found that usually the factory does face opposite the recycler's exit, but not always, and it has changed on me in the same mission.   I started to build a factory and it was facing opposite the recycler by default... then I got an enemy attack and went to deal with it,  and when I came back, the factory always faced the same as the recycler. 

However with the ease of rotating the building via the tilda key, it doesn't seem too much of a hassle to me, but I don't have a great deal of online play experience.  There is also the issue of the tilda key not working for some.


The AI builds the recy one way round and the factory facing the other way. I think this is what he may be talking about.

Red Devil

They (Factory, Sbay, Kiln/Forg) are turned around in G66 2.0.
What box???