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BZ crashing + error message

Started by Shadowsun, September 04, 2009, 12:05:45 PM

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when playing BZ2 i often get this error,  the game just stalls ingame for about 30 seconds then crashes and gives the error

using Tech Alpha 1.3.5
OS: Windows XP
Athlon X2 3800+ 2.01 GHz
Nvidia Geforce 7950 GT

i understand that the patch currently is only an ALPHA  so i'm not asking for it to be fixed,  just noting that im getting errors ^.^
the peak use being at 119MB catches my attention

p.s.  whats with this forum,   i cant even scroll down and select stuf f 2 seewhat i'm typing as it just jumps back to the top  :-o :?

---- Battlezone II Log File ----
App version: Patch 1.3TechAlpha5 Apr 23 2009 13:36:08
Windows version: Windows Version: 5.1.2600 'Service Pack 3' PlatformID=2

Last few battlezone.log lines (may or may not be relevant):
DIAG|            runcodes:154  |19:53:30|4460439|[View] Entering run code [COCKPIT]
ERR |                 vid:256  |19:56:04|4614179|VertexBuffer::Lock
ERR |                 vid:259  |19:56:04|4614198|.\VertexBuffer.cpp(472):  failed with DX Error 0x8007000E(-2147024882) == 'E_OUTOFMEMORY'
ERR |       ConsoleHelper:28   |19:56:04|4614198|DX Error(0x8007000E) noted.

Exception code: C0000005 (ACCESS VIOLATION) WRITING to 00000000h
Message :  Exception
Error occurred at 9/4/2009 19:56:16.
C:\Program Files\Battlezone II\bzone.exe, run by Timmetje.
C:\Program Files\Battlezone II\bzone.exe, run by Timmetje.
CPU: 2 processor(s), AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+
     x86 Family 15 Model 43 Stepping 1
Process Memory :   1765 MB free out of   2048 MB total
Physical memory:   1136 MB free out of   2048 MB total
Page(swap) file:   3202 MB free out of   3940 MB total
This exe is using 119 MB, peak use 119 MB

Fault address:  005AB3BD 01:001AA3BD C:\Program Files\Battlezone II\bzone.exe

SS:ESP:0023:02085C90  EBP:0209F6E4
DS:0023  ES:0023  FS:003B  GS:0000

Call stack:
Address   Return    Function            SourceFile
005AB3BD  00000000  005CC012  MeshRoot::Render+0x00000A3D
005CC012  00000000  004807F1  MeshEnt::Render+0x000001C2
004807F1  00000000  00487425  GameObject::Render+0x00000052
00487425  00000000  00449233  HoverCraft::Render+0x00000011
00449233  00000000  004FA910  MeshEnt::Render+0x00000012
004FA910  00000000  004808FD  ENTITY::RenderScene+0x00000076
004808FD  00000000  005097DA  GameObject::RenderScene+0x00000107
005097DA  00000000  00509AB5  Resolution_Layer_Class::Entity_List_Class::Render+0x000000B9
00509AB5  00000000  0050A2C0  Resolution_Layer_Class::Render+0x00000083
0050A2C0  00000000  004FA956  SceneManagerClass::Render+0x0000003A
004FA956  00000000  00448A68  Submit_All_Entities+0x0000001A
00448A68  00000000  00448BA7  Simulate_Cockpit+0x0000065D
00448BA7  00000000  00452184  Render_Internal_View+0x00000082
00452184  00000000  005CD53F  ViewCockpit::Process+0x00000674
005CD53F  00000000  004535F2  RunCodes::Process+0x000001BF
004535F2  00000000  00456EB7  ViewManager::Process+0x000000A1
00456EB7  00000000  004573D1  MissionHandler::RenderOneFrame+0x0000006E
004573D1  00000000  005CD53F  MissionHandler::State::RunState::Process+0x00000427
005CD53F  00000000  00455004  RunCodes::Process+0x000001BF
00455004  00000000  005CD53F  MissionHandler::Process+0x00000011
005CD53F  00000000  005CD9D4  RunCodes::Process+0x000001BF
005CD9D4  00000000  00449644  Main::MessagePump+0x00000064
00449644  00000000  00449343  HandledMain+0x000003F6
00449343  00000000  00446BDF  HandledMain+0x000000F5
00446BDF  00000000  0057B90F  WinMain+0x00000059
0057B90F  00000000  7C7E7077  fabs+0x00000191
7C7E7077  00000000  00000000  RegisterWaitForInputIdle+0x00000049


just seem a sticky where i could post this...        where does AV stand for anyways -  .-

sorry for the "excess" topic...


Using 119MB is pretty typical and/or not hard to achieve. There's a 2048MB per process limit on normal 32-bit apps like BZ2, and using less than 6% of that is not likely to be a problem. I'd suspect graphics card drivers, because the error noted is a DirectX (graphics) error saying that it's out of memory. Can you try grabbing the latest drivers from nVidia's website?

-- GSH


AV stands for 'Access Violation', and in BZ2 terms is always a crash. Any BZ2 crash is usually followed by a log file or a pop-up window which tells you at what address the errors occured.

I think its something to do with reading something from the RAM, but honestly i have no idea beyond that.

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ah tx,  there was 1 update the the Nvidia driver,   problem still persist though :/ (time for a new PC :P)

thx for the help none the less :P


Try 1.3 public beta 5.1, It fixes a number of AVs noted in ta5.

-- GSH