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1.3 pb5.1 is coming soon

Started by GSH, September 04, 2009, 04:47:59 PM

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Just a heads up. 1.3 public beta 5.1 is pretty close to shipping. It's mainly up to the testers to tell me (on the private boards) if there's any showstopper bugs remaining.

Short summary of TA5.1: terrain performance optimizations in all views; satellite view should be far faster, especially on slower machines. EMBM bumpmaps work once again. High res shadows are re-enabled, but still just as buggy as 1.0. (There's a flag to turn it off for units you don't like). Local fog should look better. Lots of crashbugs fixed. Other improvements, mainly to AIPs. Max polygon count for objects is 20,000 polys/object -- 7.3x the limit of 1.0 - 1.3ta5.

-- GSH


Cool.  Yay for a high(er) polycount!
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I personally haven't found anything detrimental yet... and i've been testing a lot more than i let on the last week or so actually. There's the odd reflection tinker here and there, but thats mainly with reflecting ordnance and particles, which is off by default.

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Will DX Shadows ever help diminish the "nastiness" of stock shadows?