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1.3 Public Beta 2 bugs

Started by Commando, March 01, 2006, 08:18:25 PM

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You need to run the program, it installs a file (bzgame_keys.cfg) that supercedes the default one included with 1.3, which is configured for english keyboards.


Ok I tried Newskey again with my seperated 1.2 version just in case and it all worked as it was suppose to. I started to become that desperate that I actually uninstalled the 1.3 one, reinstalled, then installed Newskey and finally the patch again. Still the same problems I'm afraid.


I dunno if this a bug or not, but, I've done a little messing around in instant action with the editor. I found out that I could place team 5 units on the map, and the computer would automatically send them at me. So, I made an attack wave, over 100 units, for the computer, (and about 50 gt's for my own side :D). Though, when the computer team launched, there was still over half the fleet sitting back at the enemy's base. I went over there, and looked, I got real close to one of the units, then I heard a voice "Attack My Target". My training center was lit up, with attack target over it (lol!). Well, it appeared that over half of the fleet was "dead". Most of the ships there didn't have pilots in them. Why is this?


Does it happen only in the editor?

I'm not really sure visitor.  Only thing I can think of is reinstall bz2 from the cd, then install 1.3 and then the german version of newkeys, though that may not work.